Visiting Polish Beryl Archer Rifle Manufacturer Fabryka Broni

November 4, 2012

Uli Wiegand leads tour of Fabryka Broni, Manufacturer of Polish Beryl Archer Rifle

Recently, Uli Wiegand led Michael Bane, star of “the Shooting Gallery” on the Discovery Channel, and his film crew on a tour of Fabryka Broni in Radom, Poland.  Fabryka Broni manufactures both the Polish Beryl Rifle and its commercial version, the Archer Rifle in Radom, Poland.  Many of their manufacturing processes now involve high-tech, CNC manufacturing of the Polish Beryl and Archer rifle parts.

Polish Beryl Archer Rifle’s Hammer-forged Barrels now CNC controlled

During their visit, the Shooting Gallery camera crew got an up-close look at the hammer-forging machine, that Uli Wiegand had discussed in a video on his own site, During the visit, Diplom Inginuer Gerald Lampl of GFM-Austria, the manufacturer of the Beryl Archer Rifles’ barrel hammer-forging machine, was there updating the machine.

“We have made a modernization, so the machine is from the mechanical side – gears, bearings, everything inside – is new…. We have made an overhaul, and also we put the CNC control on the whole system.”
– Gerald Lampl, Dipl. Ing., GFM-Austria

Explaining the Hammer-forging Process for the Archer Rifle’s super-accurate Barrels

As shown in the video, Mr. Lampl also walked everyone through the process, explaining how Fabryka Broni uses the GFM hammer-forging machine to make the Archer Rifle’s super-accurate and reliable barrels. There’s even a slow-motion shot, showing the actual hammers forging the rifle portion of the barrel while it is turning.

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