Archer Rifle’s optional Picatinny Rail & Adding Accessories

November 20, 2012

You may want to add accessories to your Polish AKs

Many people recognize the AK rifle as a very reliable firearm, especially over the last 10 years. As a result, more and more accessories have become available for the AK. So, when you purchase a Polish sporter rifle, such as the Archer, you will want to make sure you can easily and reliably add your own accessories.

Easily add accessories with the Archer’s optional Picatinny Rail

To let you put accessories on the Archer Rifle, Fabryka Broni has designed a Picatinny Rail as the top rail for the Beryl and Archer Rifles. The Picatinny rail will reliably support all sorts of accessories, from scopes to EOTechs to red dots.

“The Archer’s Picatinny Rail gives you a reliable platform to put whatever you want to put on top of the firearm, and it’s aligned with the barrel.”
— Uli Wiegand, President, I.O., Inc.

The Picatinny Rail fits into the rear sight and locks into the stock, so it is aligned with the barrel and lets you reliably put whatever you want on top of the rifle. Plus, the Archer’s Picatinny Rail is easily removable.

Same Picatinny Rail as on the Polish Beryl Rifle

In order to get our customers the best possible Polish AKs, I.O., Inc. has worked with Fabryka Broni to offer the same Picatinny Rail for the Archer Rifle that is found on the Beryl Rifle. Just like the Picatinny Rail on the Beryl Rifle, the Picatinny Rail on the Archer is milled out of solid steel, not aluminum. So, it is both very durable as proven in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.  With the Picatinny Rail option, you can get the same look and functionality in your semi-auto Archer Rifle as the Polish military gets in their full-auto Beryl Rifle.

Still room for a Quad Rail for even more Accessories

You may want to add additional accessories. To do that, in addition to the optional Picatinny Rail you can also add a quad rail to mount

  • lasers
  • tactical grips
  • or whatever you want to put on the Archer.

Where to buy an Archer .223 AK

There are a growing number of Archer dealers.  To find one now, you should click here.

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