Archer Rifle is a High-Quality Polish .223 AK

December 13, 2012

Archer Rifle Now Available in America

The Archer Rifle is now available in the United States. The Archer is a new, high-quality Polish AK that is the the commercial version of the Polish Beryl Rifle, the .223 AK manufactured in Radom, Poland by Fabryka Broni and battle-proven in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Archer Rifle Now Comes with 1 Mag. and a Collapsible Stock

In the video above, Shan of I.O. shows the Archer Rifle new in the box and talks about a some of its aspects, including its tight-fitting magazine well.  As Shan notes, after importing the the Archer Rifle from Poland, I.O. ensures that the Archer is 922(r) compliant by making a couple of changes to the rifle. Some of those changes include opening up the magazine well as well as replacing

  • the hammer trigger sear
  • some of the furniture and
  • the muzzle break.

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